Questions for the Couple

Questions for those considering our services that help ensure YOUR wishes are met:
  1. What would your dream wedding be like?
    Give me a description so I can make your wishes come true.

  2. What was the loveliest, most meaningful wedding you ever attended?
    I will try to recreate that for you.

  3. How will your guests know that the ceremony is about to begin?
    I can bring a chime, play music, ring a bell or simply make an announcement.

  4. Who will direct them to their places?
    I can do this or it can be rehearsed in advance.

  5. How do you want to start the ceremony?
    I can begin with a welcome or any other announcement.

  6. Will there be a processional?

  7. What role will music play in this part of your ceremony?
    What music, if any will you include? Will you choose something that has special significance for the two of you? Do you want music before, during and after the ceremony? Do you have any favorite songs you would like to hear before during and/or after the ceremony? Will it be live or taped, vocal or instrumental?

  8. What do you want your vows and ceremony to signify?
    (love, commitment, freedom, passion, individuality, truthfulness, etc.)

  9. What do you want said in the opening?

  10. Who will make the opening statement?
    I have no problem doing this. It could also be you or one of the members of your wedding party.

  11. Do you prefer long ceremonies or short, informal or formal? What length of time is appropriate for you?

  12. How much of your ceremony would you like you create yourself?

  13. Do you want me, as Celebrant, to read the entire ceremony so that all you have to do is say "I do?"

  14. Do you want to express your own feelings, philosophies and vows, and have me as the Celebrant simply lead the program?

  15. Do you want to share responsibility for conducting the ceremony with the Celebrant by reading/reciting your own vows?

  16. Will you be exchanging rings?

  17. Will you be taking your husband's or wife's name?
    If so, what will you new name be?

  18. What are the names of each person in your wedding party?

  19. Do you have any objection to obtaining a self-uniting marriage license in order to allow Margaret Downey to conduct your wedding ceremony?

  20. What is your complete mailing address?

  21. What are the contact phone numbers including cell numbers for the bride and groom?

  22. What is the address/location of the wedding?

  23. What are the colors of your wedding and/or theme?

  24. Will the wedding site provide a music stand for the wedding ceremony booklet to be placed on it?

  25. What is the color of the bride's dress?

  26. Would you like your Celebrant to wear a formal looking judges robe? If not, what color would you like your officiant to wear?

  27. Will your ceremony include readings, songs/music, or other speakers?

  28. Is there a rehearsal planned? If so when and where?

  29. Do you want to have a particular ritual included such as a unity candle, hand wrapping, etc., etc.?

  30. Have you found a favorite ceremony wording on this website or any other website?