Separate Ways

"When the civilized man finds his wife loves another he does not kill, he does not murder. He says to his wife, "You are free." When the civilized woman finds that her husband loves another, she does not kill, she does not murder. She says to her husband, "I am free."Robert Green Ingersoll

divorceChances are, you and your partner  -- the person you chose to share your life with -- simply grew apart, like branches of a tree.  The parting need not be filled with animosity, but can be gracious and loving, giving closure to you, your mate, friends and family.  Your love has changed.

May we suggest a symbolic burning of the marriage certificate or simply replacing the wedding ring with a new setting and placing it on the right hand? Click the link below to read some interesting historic divorce ceremonies that may give you some ideas on how to acknowledge your new direction.

Interesting Divorce Ceremonies