“The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here.” Robert Green Ingersoll

WeddingsIn the past, brides were promised, sold or given away without their consent; grooms traded titles for dowries and married women they had never met. Marriages were arranged, sometimes by a marriage broker, by village elders or by parents. There were "marriages of convenience" and "shotgun weddings." For most people, things have changed for the better -- we marry someone we choose ourselves and we marry for love. Celebrations is here to make your choice a beautiful and joyous occasion.

Sometimes a person is being married to a second or third partner.  Many times, a couple's union is not recognized by an established church, family or community.  Sometimes, one or both of the partners holds no religious belief and refuse to join a church to celebrate life's many passages. Celebrations offers unique, romantic ceremonies that are personalized to the couple.

We acknowledge the special circumstances of same-gender partners and conduct beautiful, life-commitment celebrations that two people bring to their union.  We are Humanists and recognize the rights of all humans to choose their own life paths.  Love makes a family.

IMPORTANT: Wedding license requirements for Pennsylvania.

The current rate schedule for weddings is as follows:

  • $400 Base price for all weddings
  • $100 Deposit is due at time of obtaining the wedding license
  • Balance is due on date of wedding or shortly thereafter