Baby Naming Ceremony

“Intellectual liberty is the air of the soul, the sunshine of the mind, and without it, the world is a prison; the universe is a dungeon.”Robert Green Ingersoll

New babyA Naming Ceremony or Family Welcome replaces the tradition of a christening. Many families believe, as we do, that religious beliefs can be chosen or discarded after a person has examined the world around them. Celebrations offers a creative and beautiful welcome for your child. I can create a unique ceremony using family history, poetry, music and Freethought prose. The naming or welcoming ceremony usually lasts twenty minutes.

During the ceremony family members may elect to state their love and commitment to the child. Instead of godparents, people choose relatives or friends to become "guide parents," "supporting adults," "mentors" or "special friends." They can also join in the ceremony, saying how they will be there for the child as he or she grows up.

There are many ways to make the ceremony memorable. The occasion can be marked with a book for everyone in attendance to write a special message for the child to read in later years. A tree may be planted to grow along with the child. Brothers and sisters can join in the ceremony and other relatives and friends may wish to contribute too. Many families hold a celebratory party to complete the event.

A ceremony such as this is highly recommended for an adopted child or for a newly blended family. The event will create a glorious bond between all family members and will have an everlasting value for the well-being of the child.

A secular naming ceremony replaces the tradition of a christening. As Freethinkers, we believe children should not be indoctrinated into any religious belief without regard to their own feelings and thoughts. 

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