Form to Create Your Life Legacy

Create Your Life Legacy

Nontheists know that the time to be happy is now, and the place to be happy is here. As we go through our one and only life, we do not wonder if there is a heaven or hell. However, most of us do wonder what type of legacy we are going to leave behind.

This link will provide you with an opportunity to post a “Statement of Personal Principles” (what you would convey to those who are still living) and “My Life Legacy” (what you want to be remembered for having done throughout your one-and-only life).

Secular Celebrations will send you a copy of what you write below. Print and save your composition in a location that can be found easily by family and friends. This website section is intended to become more organized about your own funeral. A written record will help your loved ones implement your last wishes. Filing out the text boxes will allow many to understand who you were and what you found important about your life.

Please add contact information for yourself and those people to whom you want your message delivered. When we learn of your death, Secular Celebrations will contact the people you listed and convey exactly what you want to remembered for having achieved and what you thought should be stated at your end of life remembrances. You will live again when you are talked about and remembered. The nontheist afterlife is real – when good deeds of a person are conveyed generation after generation.

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