The Wedding of Lindi and Roberto

Trinsey WeddingDear Margaret,  

Roberto and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did conducting our wedding ceremony. The most significant part of our wedding planning was deciding what we want to express to each other and to our families and friends during the ceremony. We wanted the freedom to be creative and not be restricted to any preconceived format or obligatory sayings. However, it was difficult to start from scratch. We therefore greatly appreciated your guidance in bringing our ideas together and making the ceremony flow nicely. The calmness and sureness of your manner also put us at east during the ceremony.

In addition to helping us create and then conducting the ceremony, you were an indispensable help with all the legalities surrounding a marriage, especially since we were planning our wedding all the way from Switzerland . We were very grateful that you met us at the courthouse to fill out papers and that you took care of all the paperwork after the wedding, while we were lying on the beach.

Thank you again, Margaret, for the interest you took in us and in making our wedding day special and unique. Sincerely, Lindi and Roberto Dotta-Trinsey