Adriana Colón - California


Adriana Colón
Region: California
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Phone: (818) 213-2851

“My calling is to hold space for others — to create, to meditate, to celebrate.”

Adriana Colón is an advocate for Agency – our capacity to make choices for ourselves and to act on our ideals. Her skills as a creative professional serve her well as a celebrant. “Ceremony, after all, is theater! Ceremony compels us to set aside a time and place to voice our intentions and speak of our authentic selves, making ourselves more familiar to those near and dear to us.” She enjoys crafting ceremonies that are meaningful to people’s experiences: both in times of joy, and in times of grief, and everything in between.

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Adriana's career began with activist street theatre troupe Jóvenes del 98. Her passion for live performance prospered at Harvard, where she graduated with a Special Concentration in "Performance and the Body" in 2012. She is a proud alumna of the Signet Society.

Adriana is an Associate Member of the Stage Directors And Choreographers Society and a Member of Director's Lab West.

With her extroversion, relentless idealism, and humor – as well as her experience as a bilingual Harvard-educated queer woman of color – Adriana prides herself in cultivating a safe space for others to enjoy life.

 **También estoy disponible para ceremonias en español.**