Mike Aus - Texas

mikeaus porch 200Mike Aus
P.O. Box 690961
Houston, TX 77269

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Mike Aus spent nearly twenty years working as a Christian pastor. During that time he increasingly became uncomfortable with many aspects of religion and gradually came to realize that he could no longer affirm the metaphysical claims of Christianity. A turning point for Mike was the experience of reading books on evolution, evolutionary psychology and cognitive neuroscience, which convinced him the dogmas of religion are in fundamental conflict with the scientific world view. In March 2012 Mike publicly came out as a humanist and free thinker in a speech at the national convention of American Atheists and in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Up With Chris Hayes.” He has also outlined his understanding of the conflict between science and religious dogma in an article for The Richard Dawkins Foundation.

Although no longer religious, Mike recognizes that the need for ceremonies to commemorate the significant moments in life’s journey is a universal aspect of human nature.Basically, we all love a good celebration!  While he was a minister, Mike officiated at hundreds of weddings, funerals and other life passage ceremonies. Now he is looking forward to playing a similar role for the secular community, helping people to develop meaningful and memorable secular ceremonies which celebrate the important and wonderful passages of life from a non-theistic perspective. Mike is excited to be part of the work of Secular Celebrations and is inspired by Margaret Downey’s passion for defending and expanding the rights of the secular community.

Mike is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, a graduate of The University of Michigan, and now resides in Houston, Texas. Under a provision in the State of Texas for “Informal Marriage” Mike can lead secular wedding ceremonies after a couple declares their marriage at the local county clerk’s office.